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NASA is setting up an independant team to study UFOs

NASA have just announced that they will be commissioning a team to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomenons (UAPs), otherwise known as UFOs, in early fall 2022. This team will be specifically examining the already available data, how to collect more data, and how NASA can utilise this data to forward our future understanding these UAPs. This announcement comes at a time where the study of these sightings and phenomenons is attracting more and more interest from the public.

“We have access to a broad range of observations of Earth from space – and that is the lifeblood of scientific inquiry. We have the tools and team who can help us improve our understanding of the unknown. That’s the very definition of what science is. That’s what we do.” Said associate administrator for science at NASA Thomas Zurbuchen.

“Given the paucity of observations, our first task is simply to gather the most robust set of data that we can. We will be identifying what data – from civilians, government, non-profits, companies – exists, what else we should try to collect, and how to best analyze it.” Said David Spergel, leader of the study team.

The study will last a total of 9 months and will cost no more than $100,000. Moreover, any information gathered will be open with no classified data used. “Consistent with NASA’s principles of openness, transparency, and scientific integrity, this report will be shared publicly. All of NASA’s data is available to the public – we take that obligation seriously – and we make it easily accessible for anyone to see or study.” said Evans.

Although this team is independent to the Pentagon's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, it will be interesting to see what this NASA study team finds.

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