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After-work social event at Bains-des-Paquis with AstroNoir

On April 21st 2023, AstroNoir successfully held its second After-Work drinks social event with aim to connect our audience members with conversations revolving around STEAM.

Irrespective of the chilly, overcast conditions predicted for the day, a group of approximately 10 individuals from different backgrounds made the decision to attend our gathering.

The event was hosted at Bains-des-Paquis in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, affording all participants a breathtaking lakeside view.

AstroNoir's social gatherings are designed as a dynamic crossroads, where individuals from various walks of life converge to cultivate relationships and broaden their professional and personal networks. This intention was beautifully manifested in our first after-work drinks event on September 28th, 2022 (a summary of which you can access by clicking here).

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our members who shared their presence and energy during this gathering. Your participation invigorates our mission, and we eagerly anticipate the pleasure of your company at our upcoming meet-ups.

We also extend a warm invitation to those yet to experience the AstroNoir community. If you seek engaging interactions and the opportunity to forge new connections, we welcome you to partake in any of our forthcoming events.

AstroNoir has an exciting array of projects and events in the pipeline, providing multiple avenues for you to get involved. One such endeavor is the imminent second edition of our bi-annual magazine, set for release in July 2023. Stay tuned as we continue to build this vibrant community together!

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