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Outer Space Activities and Resources for Children

Updated: Apr 21

It's been a strange year so far, doing (or not doing in most cases) things that we didn't imagine for 2020. We know for many people right now, that includes homeschooling.

We can imagine that a lot of parents are at their wits' end, trying to gather resources to ensure their children are not skipping any classes. Like maths, science may also not be a lot of people's strong suit, but that should not matter.

In this article, we will provide you with some resources, that will aid in delivering great science lessons at home. So - no matter what September brings - your child can learn about the universe around us.


Resources and activities

Curved House Kids - Discovery Diaries

Visit to access the Discovery Diaries resource portal, where you can

download over 60 Free creative, cross-curricular science lessons in various teaching styles.

Destination Space Phase 2

Brought to you by a collaboration between the ASDC and the UK Space Agency, this program provides a variety of modules you can follow and many other tools. The modules are very interactive, including various fun activities that will no doubt grab the attention of your students. Different people learn in different ways but being able to have an active attempt at something you've learned, can really help to retain the knowledge...and extend your attention span.

Escape the ISS

Solve science, math, and English puzzles to be awarded the code to the escape pod at the ISS, created by the University of Leeds and the Centre for Satellite Data in Environmental Science (SENSE). More here.


You can find various free resources, support, and information for leaders, parents, and teachers to further enhance your knowledge of STEM in the context of space.

Expedition: Home

Expedition: Home was created by ESA for children and parents to have access to space-based activities and continue to learn from home.

International Space Station photos and radio communication