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GeoWeek UK: May 7-15th 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

How incredibly fascinating is our home planet? GeoWeek was started in May 2018 to educate members of the public on the history and science of the Earth. This year there will be countless of coal events to check out. Read on to find out more.

In 2018, there were 30 different GeoWeek events held throughout the UK, in 2019 this grew to 76 events. With approximately 4000 people graduating in geoscience-related degrees per year and about 150,000 geoscientists, the number of events could grow further in the future. This has been shown through the associated events in Spain and Canada. Making geosciences accessible to everyone is important, with GeoWeek scientists hoping that outreach could encourage more sustainably conscious lifestyles.

This years GeoWeek is a nine-day 'week' which will be held between the 7-15th May 2022. There will be numerous events such as talcs being held online, as well as outdoor activities. Many of the events will be free, and others may charge a small fee. See if there are any events near you here.

These events, whilst serving as public education, can also introduce students and graduates to possible careers in various industries.

GeoWeek partners share the belief that geosciences depend on a public who cares about sustainable decisions regarding land use and Earth's resources. For this to occur, it is encouraged to educate the public as well as inspire future generations to study geosciences.

The partners include:

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